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What to expect from a skills bootcamp?
What are Skills Bootcamp Courses?

Skills Bootcamps are free, flexible courses of up to 16 weeks for adults aged 19 or over. They give people the opportunity to build up valuable sector-specific skills based on local employer demand and provide a direct path to a job on completion. Skills Bootcamps are primarily aimed at delivering flexible training at levels 3-5 (medium to higher level technical skills), and level 2 in some sectors. They are co-designed or shaped with employers to respond to their skills shortages.

What Skills Bootcamp Courses does BioGrad offer?

The BioGrad practical courses have been running for private candidates for over 8 years. Designed with one purpose, to provide practical skills to science graduates so they can enter the job market as a research scientist. These courses have been booked by students from over 526 institutions in 21 countries to provide graduate scientists with the practical skills they need to work in a laboratory.

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Additional Support

BioGrad Education maintains all student documents including references and photos for 3 years after course completion, allowing for personalised references to be provided for future interviews. The Student Liaison team maintains contact with students after their course to assist and advise on job interviews, whilst course lecturers and mentors are available to support with mock interview practice for up to 6 months after course completion. BioGrad has partnered with Reed Scientific to assist students from skills bootcamps into scientific and laboratory-based work after course completion. Students who are unsuccessful at interview may be offered a short work experience placement at BioGrad Diagnostics to further support their CV. They will also be offered a 30-minute interview session with the BioGrad Diagnostics HR department.

Success Stories

"I had a fantastic time at the BioGrad Education Biotechnology, Microbiology, and Practical Skills bootcamp over the past two weeks!

This amazing course boosted my skills and confidence in working in a lab environment. It was great to refresh knowledge of apparatus, aseptic techniques, and health/safety in detail. Working with expert scientists and lecturers, I've been introduced to techniques such as ELISA assays and Western Blots, while practicing techniques familiar to me, including PCR, bacterial streaking, and Gram staining. I also had the opportunity to present my Honors Project to the class, and learn about other interesting projects!

Most memorably, I was honored to meet Natalie Kenny, the CEO of BioGrad , during a very informative CV writing workshop. Natalie is a truly inspiring and successful business owner and scientist, who works hard to engage women within the R&D field and showcase their contributions to the scientific community. Her personal and career journeys were amazing to hear and her kindness and passion was undoubtedly uplifting and motivational. A true icon and role model!!

Lastly, a huge thank you to those who recommended this course to me and made it happen, and the amazing people I met and worked with! I look forward to seeing how you all get on in the future - best of luck! :)”

"A couple of weeks ago I finished one of the most amazing training courses I have ever attended. After being off work (in a care setting)for a few years I decided to attend this boot camp as a stepping stone to get back into the workforce. I have learnt a lot of amazing laboratory techniques. We experienced Biotechnology techniques and methodology, in the lab we did hands-on techniques from ELISA, DNA Extraction and quantification, a PCR, Agarose gel electrophoresis, Western blot and protein assay to all of which was delivered by all our amazing lecturers. And now two weeks later BioGrad has given me the opportunity to be part of their amazing team. Thank you so much Natalie Kenny for this wonderful opportunity and I am looking forward to welcoming more people to BioGrad to gain the skills I now have."

"I recently completed a practical Laboratory Skills in microbiology and biotechnology with certification at BioGrad Education. It was an amazing experience for me, giving me the confidence to work in the Laboratory by supporting my knowledge in RT-PCR, Agarose gel electrophoresis, Western blot, ELISA, Bradford assay, cell culture, DNA extraction and quantification among others. Happy to work with other great minds from different races and disciplines, you guys are amazing, you made it worthwhile and more enjoyable for me. Special thanks to BioGrad Education management team for the experience, Natalie Kenny for the initiative and Liverpool City Region Combined Authority for the opportunity and support financially to fund this project."


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