Postal Pre-Travel COVID Testing (£125)

A number of countries will now require test results at the border, to prove that travellers are not bringing in the virus. This is why the PCR coronavirus test is termed the Pre-Travel or Fit to Fly COVID Test.

This test will identify people with the coronavirus now. The throat swab tests for the active virus - an essential step to identifying staff who may not be showing symptoms, but need to be quarantined from the workplace. It is also useful to distinguish between the virus and similar e.g. cold/flu symptoms for those choosing self-isolation. It can be used to rule out a current infection for people who are returning to work from sick-leave with the virus and for screening employees who have worked closely with others who have tested positive for COVID-19.

NOTE: Postage back to BioGrad is not included. Please post using a recorded service. This test is not suitable for travel to Hong Kong or Barbados.

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  • “My lab tutor was a skilful and talented teacher. He was able to simplify complex topics so all of the students could understand and then followed up to ensure we all fully grasped the techniques being taught. He made sure that any errors were rectified immediately so that we were always learning the correct techniques"
    Lucy - Introduction to Genetics
  • "I attended the course because I wanted to work in the pharmaceutical industry but didn't have enough lab based experience. After the course I had experience in some of the most up to date techniques, taught by researchers working in the pharmaceutical industry. During the lunch time I was able to chat with all of the tutors and seek their advice for securing the job I wanted. Through the experience and advice I received I managed to secure a graduate level job in a small pharmaceutical company. I cannot recommend this course enough!"
    Josep (Graduate researcher) - Practical skills in drug discovery
  • "I received excellent tuition from a patient teacher who had an incredible enthusiasm for laboratory research. Under her tutelage and supervision, I acquired many laboratory skills in the area of cell culture techniques and high throughput screening for pre-clinical drug discovery."
    Akang (Research Scientist) - Introduction to mammalian cell culture and Practical drug discovery
  • "This was the first time I had the chance to perform practical laboratory techniques which I had only seen in lectures before this point. The tutors let us try a number of different ways to quantify cells and gave us the time and guidance to perfect our own techniques."
    Mark - Introduction to mammalian cell culture
  • "I was taught by an experienced researcher who gave us the opportunity to work with many different cell types. I was able to see the differences between the morphology and growth rates of different cells for myself. I also had the opportunity to try a number of different techniques which gave me confidence to apply for PhD's requiring cell culture experience."
    Gail (PhD researcher) - Introduction to mammalian cell culture
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