Partner Schools & Scholarships

Since 2014 BioGrad Education has been proud to partner with hundreds of schools and colleges around the UK and further afield. These ‘Partner Schools’ are able to access a whole host of benefits as outlined below, entirely FREE OF CHARGE.

How Does It Work?

It couldn’t be easier to sign up as a BioGrad Education Partner School! All you need to do is complete the digital form linked below (which takes around 30 seconds) and a member of our team will be in touch to arrange your access to the below benefits.

We welcome Partner School applications from any members of staff within an institution, but the most common applicants are Head/Assistant Head of Sixth form, Head of Careers and Head of Science. It is worth noting that only schools/colleges offering post 16 provision are eligible to apply, as the benefits of the scheme are tailored to the 16-19 age group.

Partner School Application Form
What Are The Benefits?

Any school/college who signs up as BioGrad Education Partner Schools is able to gain access to a variety of benefits, all of which come free of charge:

  • FREE annual in school careers talks. These careers talks delivered by BioGrad CEO Dr Natalie Kenny, a Senior Scientist or Medical Doctor (depending on the Partner School’s preference and availability) are focused on careers in/pathways into Science, Medicine and Medical Research and our experts who deliver them are able to draw on extensive personal experience.
  • Access to The BioGrad Education Scholarship Programme. Only students who attend BioGrad Education Partner Schools are eligible to apply for fully and part funded scholarship places on our courses for 16-19 year olds. Additional information relating to The BioGrad Education Scholarship Programme can be found below.
  • Access to bespoke school trips. BioGrad Education offers a range of 1,2,3 and 5 day school trips that can be tailored to meet your school’s needs. Access to these school trips is reserved for Partner Schools only. If you would like to discuss these school trip opportunities, please reach out to us via email on
  • Use of exclusive BioGrad Education Partner School logo. You will be provided with a copy of the BioGrad Education Partner School logo which can be used on your school’s website, email signature & social media as you see fit.
  • Bespoke video showcase. The BioGrad Education Marketing Team will create a bespoke video showcase for your school. This will highlight to your students and prospective students (and their parents) the benefits of the school’s partnership with BioGrad Education (including access to The BioGrad Education Scholarship Programme and annual careers talks from industry experts.) This video can be used across your website and social media.
The BioGrad Education Scholarship Programme

The BioGrad Education Scholarship Programme is available only to students attending our Partner Schools. The purpose of the programme is to make our gold standard science and medical training courses available to all students, irrespective of their background and demographic factors.

Since 2014 we have awarded over 150 scholarships to students of Partner Schools, allowing them to enhance their CV/personal statement and boost their chances of gaining a place at their first choice university.

How To Apply

For the 2023/24 academic year there are a number of fully (100%) and part (50%) funded places available for the following 1 week courses: Biomedical Science, Cardiac & Pulmonary Medicine, Clinical Skills & Medical Research, Emergency Medicine, Laboratory Skills, Medical School Preparation, Medical Ethics and Orthopaedic Care.

Students wishing to apply for a scholarship place must complete the application form, including a brief personal statement, and select the course they wish to apply for. The scholarship application form is linked below.

All completed application forms must be submitted to BioGrad Education via email (on by a member of staff at the Partner School.

Scholarship Application Form