Liverpool Science Park

BioGrad Education's industry leading training laboratories, clinical suites and lecture theatres are based at Liverpool Science Park, in the heart of Liverpool's Knowledge Quarter.

Due to the proximity to other Universities within the area there are plenty of amenities our students enjoy within a short walk of the facility.


We have an array of laboratories and multiple clinical training suites as well as a wash up suite on site. We also have access to an array of lecture theatres, meeting rooms and breakout spaces where necessary for students, plus well-equipped kitchenette areas that students are able to take advantage of.

Lecture Theatre

The Liverpool medical institutes lecture theatre can seat up to 120 students, the room dates from 1837 and features several large antique portraits, pitch pine panelling, and an elegant large glass ceiling dome.

Coffee Shop

Local independent coffee shop, Land coffee is based in the reception of Liverpool Science park and is open Monday - Friday.

Break Out Spaces

Liverpool Science Park offers communal areas that students are able to utilise throughout their time with us to relax and socialise.

Luxury Accommodation

Our recommended accommodation provider is Quest Apartments hotels, please see more information about the facilities here.