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BioGrad Education Level 3 Diploma in Preparation for Entry into Medical School (inc. Biomedical Science)

The BioGrad Education Level 3 Diploma in Preparation for Entry into Medical School (inc. Biomedical Science) is unrivalled in the UK, providing pre-med students with a chance to gain extensive hands-on experience as well as in depth knowledge via online learning to give them the best possible chance of gaining a place at medical school in the UK.

This programme is designed to be completed alongside A Levels, with online teaching taking place during evenings/weekends and in-person training weeks during school holidays. Most commonly, students commence the Diploma programme around the same time as they commence their A Level studies (i.e. if a student commences A Level studies (year 12) in September 2024, they would commence the Diploma in October of that same year.)

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Applications for 2024 entry are now OPEN!

Application Deadline
Why Study With BioGrad Education?

Here at BioGrad Education we have extensive experience in preparing the next generation of scientists and medics for their future careers, we have trained thousands of students from all around the world since our inception in 2014 and are experts in bridging the gap between academia and industry.

BioGrad Education offers an experience unmatched by any other provider; with a course that is reviewed and updated regularly based on feedback from medical schools. This medical school feedback remains at the forefront of teaching to allow us to arm our students with the skills they need to not only gain entry into medical school, but to become excellent doctors and healthcare professionals in the future.

All online teaching takes place using software provided free of charge to students and in-person training weeks are hosted at our state-of-the-art teaching clinics and laboratories in Liverpool, designed to mimic the teaching environment found both within universities and the hospital wards where students will complete their placements. This setting ensures students are prepared in line with the conditions that they will face during both the interview process and their time at university, creating a familiarity which will be clearly apparent both in their confidence at interview and their level of preparedness when gaining a First in their degree.

Students will have the opportunity to hone their skills in a host of ways designed specifically around the values and skills we know that medical schools are seeking from their prospective students. We cover a wide range of necessary knowledge and skills to ensure students are ready and able to not only obtain a place at the school of their choice, but to flourish, with an excellent foundation of knowledge putting them ahead of their peers.

How is the course structured?

The BioGrad Education Level 3 Diploma in Preparation for Entry into Medical School includes 370 hours of learning, structured as below:

  • 180 hours of in person clinical and laboratory training (6 X 5-day modules) hosted in Liverpool.
  • 190 hours of online learning and guided learning hosted by our expert lecturers, plus assessments including essays, exams, assignments and case studies.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us via email on student.services@biograd.co.uk.

In-Person Training Weeks
Online Learning

Semester 1: Scientific Principles

Semester 1 covers the vast array of tools available to Doctors and healthcare professionals for use in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of a patient, including their pros, cons and indications. This semester provides a foundation of knowledge on which a robust medical understanding will be built.

Semester 2: Introduction to Medical Principles

Semester 2 provides a detailed understanding of infectious disease outbreaks including pandemics, the theory and manufacturing of diagnostic tests and vaccines, the human body's immune response and organisational response to outbreaks.

Semester 3: Importance of Medical Principles & Advanced Scientific Theory

During semester 3, students will have chance to utilise and build on what they have learnt throughout semesters 1 and 2 via case and problem-based learning (CBL/PBL) and will learn to utilise the best course of treatment in a wide range of real-world scenarios. From skin penetrating wounds to drug overdoses, students can expect to encounter the most common issues that must be overcome in pre-hospital and emergency care.

All content is subject to adjustments based on developments within academia and industry.


All students joining BioGrad Education for the Level 3 Diploma will be provided with accommodation and a comprehensive activities programme for the duration of their 6 weeks in person training. Our accommodation boasts private bedrooms with study areas, comfortable living spaces and well-equipped kitchens as well as communal leisure facilities including a newly refurbished 24-hour gym and common areas with games*.

The city of Liverpool is sure to give you a warm welcome when you arrive, with our accommodation providing an ideal base from which to explore the 2008 Capital of Culture.

*Accommodation features may vary.

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Activities and Networking Programme

The cost of the BioGrad Education Level 3 Diploma in Preparation for Entry into Medical School (inc. Biomedical Science) includes a comprehensive evening, weekend and networking activities programme to ensure you get the most out of your time outside of the clinics and laboratories.

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The Application Process and Timeline

Student numbers are strictly limited due to the elite nature of this programme. As such, we have designed an application process with key dates set out in the timeline below.

Student applications are received in large volumes, as such we recommend students apply in advance of the application deadline to avoid potential disappointment.

Applications Open: 1st September 2023
Application Deadline: 30th April 2024
Interview Invitations Sent: 7th May 2024
Interviews Held: 10th - 17th May 2024
Acceptance Letters Sent: From 20th May 2024
Diploma Commencement: October 2024
Online Learning: October 2024 - June 2024
In-Person Training Weeks: July 2024 - August 2024
Diploma End Date: August 2025

Fees and Payment Plans

The course fee for the BioGrad Education Level 3 Diploma in Preparation for Entry into Medical School (inc. Biomedical Science) includes 3 semesters of online learning and assessment, 6 weeks of in-person training, learning and experience hosted at our state-of-the-art facilities in Liverpool, as well as 6 weeks accommodation and a comprehensive activities programme.

Course fee: £9,250

We offer 3 interest free payment plans to allow you to spread the cost to meet your needs, these payment plans are outlined below:

Plan 1: 6 equal payments of £1,541.67 due on the last working day of each month, payable from 28th June 2024 – 29th November 2024.
Plan 2: 25% deposit of £2,312.50 payable on 28th June 2024 and final payment of £6,937.50 due on 29th November 2024.
Plan 3: Total of £9,250 payable on 28th June 2024.


The Dr N. Kenny Scholarship Programme

There are a number of fully funded places available each year on The BioGrad Education Level 3 Diploma in Preparation for Entry into Medical School (inc. Biomedical Science). These scholarship places are available through the ‘Dr N. Kenny Scholarship Programme’, introduced by BioGrad Education CEO Dr Natalie Kenny.

For the 2024/25 academic year, there are a maximum of 3 full scholarship places available.

These scholarships are available exclusively to students attending BioGrad Education partner schools. If you are eligible to apply through the Dr N. Kenny Scholarship Programme, you will be contacted by our funding administration team following the successful submission of your application.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

BioGrad Education is an Approved Activity Provider for the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

The Level 3 Certificate course provides students with plentiful opportunity to fulfil the required ‘residential’ element of their DofE Gold award where applicable.

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A Word From Dr James (Jamie) Paweleck- Programme Leader

“This programme was designed to provide a solid foundation of scientific and medical knowledge and practical skills to best prepare students to embark upon a career in medicine. Whilst providing help with entry to medicine and preparation for interviews, BioGrad Education also focuses on delivering up to date clinical and practical teaching which forms the backbone of good medical practice. Programme content will be beneficial throughout medical school and your first days as a doctor and the course forms the start of a career of lifelong learning and achieving. We look forward to welcoming all our students to our 2024 certificate and helping you to become the future of medicine.

On Behalf Of All At BioGrad Education, We Look Forward To Meeting You!”

Meet the Team

The team behind the BioGrad Education Level 3 Diploma in Preparation for Entry into Medical School (inc. Biomedical Science) are committed to maximising student experiences and positive outcomes.

Notable members of the team include Zara Prowse (Head of Education), Dr James (Jamie) Paweleck (Senior Clinical Lecturer and Researcher), Andy Russell (Level 3 Programme Operational Manager) and Mary Salmani (Student Liaison Manager). Click the link below to read more about the team who will help you to realise your goal of gaining entry into medical school.

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